This website showcases the amazing work our clients have produced in painting, ceramics and creative writing as patients and in outpatient groups at the clinic. 
Initiated during Mental Health Week in October 2020 as "The Hobart Clinic Online Creative Art Exhibition", the site has been organised as an ongoing showcase for the creativity, individuality and diversity of the people who attend creative art groups at the Hobart Clinic, where participants learn from each other and grow from the support and encouragement they gain.  As an organisation we embrace the notion that we all struggle at times with mental health challenges. Reducing stigma about mental health continues to be our goal. 
What's new on the site...

Quotes from participants...

Art centres me. When I am within my art I am whole, I am safe and I am me at my very best.
Creative art provides the freedom to discover, exploring and nurturing a side of me that i have always thought was missing.
Mindfulness, a sense of purpose. Art is a boundless area of learning and experimentation. There are always new things to learn, new techniques to try, different approaches to a multitude of subjects. Art can be difficult and challenging but can also be pleasing and exciting.
It is a safe place to fail, supportive guidance allowing me to try different mediums. I love ceramics, it is very tactile and grounding.
Art offers numerous ways of expressing turbulent emotions when tears and screams lack eloquence.
Art awakens me, makes me feels alive, connected, it allows me to be present, open to possibility, empowered, a sense of calmness, it is exploratory with its' texture, colour. ....................
Ceramics in the Art Room at Rokeby
September 2020
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